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Certification Steps

The certification process starts with completion of an expression of interest. We then send you an application form/online form that you’ll need to complete for your business. This will provide HQCI with a basic overview of the business and the halal certification requirements. Here’s what the process looks like,

  • Application

    Initial Enquiry
    Submission of Application Forms

  • Fee Payment

    Finalize the Quotation & Invoice
    Payment Initiation & Clearance

  • Service Agreement

    Certification Agreement Signing
    Agree with HQCI Terms & Conditions

  • Review

    Submission of Documents & Contracts
    Review of Documents & Contracts

  • Audit

    Preparation of Audit Program
    Stage 1 Audit (Desktop / On-site)
    Stage 2 Audit (On-site)

  • Evaluation

    Preparation of Audit Report & Findings (if any)
    Corrective action submission & Evaluation

  • Decision

    Review of Audit Reports & Documents
    Certificate Decision & Granting

  • Issuance

    Halal Logo / Mark usage policy signing
    Certificate Designing & Printing
    Issuance of Halal Certificate & Halal Mark Logo

  • Continuous Monitoring

    Conducting the Survellience / Follow up inspections
    Random Sampling & Testing of Products
    Halal Assurance system and Training.



All information obtained from the application will remain confidential. HQCI has policies and procedures in place regarding its management of confidential information. HQCI ensure that its employees and contractors maintain the confidentiality of information acquired as a result of their agreement clients.

Clients are required to maintain confidentiality regarding all commercial terms and conditions with HQCI for Halal certification services. Information about a particular client shall not be disclosed to any third party without the consent of the client concerned.


HQCI’s Halal certification services and schemes are accessible to all applicants whose activities fall within its scope of operation. All applications will be treated fairly and without prejudice or discrimination of any applicant, due to its size, type of business, financial position or political background.

HQCI can decline to accept an application or maintain a contract for certification from a client when fundamental or demonstrated reasons exist, such as the client participating in illegal activities, having a history of repeated non-compliances with certification/product requirements, or similar client-related issues.


HQCI conducts its Halal Certification activities in a fair and impartial manner, avoiding undue influence arising from conflicts of interest. HQCI, its directors, managers, staff and others involved in Halal Certification activities fully understand the importance of impartiality in operating as a Halal Certification body.

To ensure that impartiality is both maintained and can be demonstrated, HQCI has identified and risk assessed all relationships which may result in a conflict of interest or pose a threat to impartiality. Our Impartiality Committee operates as an independent committee with responsibility to oversee the management of impartiality across the organization.


HQCI shall take reasonable precautions to control the use of its Halal certificates and marks by clients.

HQCI will take action and deal with incorrect references to certification status or misleading use of certification documents, marks or audit reports by certified clients. The action may include requests for correction and corrective action, suspension, withdrawal of certification, publication of the transgression and if necessary legal action.


Certification Audit

Audit Process

All initial certification audits are carried out in at least two stages. The first stage (Stage 1) consists of a preliminary review of the client’s organization and Management System. The second stage (Stage 2) of the audit will be conducted at the client premises.
During a site visit, HQCI will commence the visit as follows:


Surveillance, Short Notice and Surprise Audits

A Surveillance Audit is the ongoing periodic review of an organization’s management system and procedures. Surveillance visit frequency will be stipulated to clients but it will be at least once a year during the period that the certificate remains current. Surprise visits may be conducted at the discretion of HQCI.
It may also be necessary for HQCI to conduct audits of certificated clients at short notice to investigate complaints, or in response to changes, or as a follow-up on suspended clients.

Evidence Collection and Laboratory Testing

HQCI may also collect/request relevant samples, photographs or other materials for the purpose of investigation. Laboratory testing may also be used to identify if any cross-contamination exists, and to confirm that any other agents/ingredients used are halal.


HQCI has the terms and conditions that how the certification can be issued and controlled after the issuance.


Appeals & Complaints


A client may appeal a certification decision, or make a complaint about HQCI or one of its certified clients, by formally notifying the HQCI office in writing (Complaint & Appeal form is available). The appeal should contain as much information as possible, describing the original certification decision and the reason/s for the appeal.

HQCI has a detailed policy outlining its complaints and appeals process. In the interest of effective resolution and transparency, all complaints/appeals are investigated and recorded.

HQCI will appoint Complaints & Appeal Committee to investigate and review the complaint/appeal received. The members of the committee will not be involved in any phase of the Halal Certification related to the subject complaint or appeal. Upon completion of the investigation, HQCI shall contact the original party to notify them of the outcome.

Any complaint about a certified client must be communicated to the client after HQCI has conducted the investigation.

All appeals and complaint notifications, whether they are deemed to require further investigation or not, are recorded internally by HQCI management. Copies of all relevant documentation including notifications, investigations and decisions are attached to the internal record for evidence and audit purposes.

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