Halal Certification

Halal Certification is a process to which ensures the features and quality of the products/services according to the Islamic Shariah Law. It is an authentic, trustworthy and reliable testimony to support Manufacturers & Service provider’s claim that their products/services have met Halal requirement by the Shariah Law and Compliance with Halal Standard requirements.

Conformity certification

HQCI helps you to get the required Conformity certification and Marks promote your products in UAE & Saudi Arabia.



It is a mandatory certification to all products such as Dairy products, Fruit Juices and Bottled Drinking Water as per UAE regulation. Also it is volunteer certification for other products



Certificate of Conformity under ECAS scheme is the mandatory certification for the products as per UAE regulations and requirement for exporting the products to UAE


Gulf Conformity Mark

GMark Certification is the mandatory requirement implemented by the Gulf Countries for LOW VOLTAGE DEVICES


Saudi Quality Mark

A mark issued to the products indicating conformance to relevant Saudi technical regulations or Saudi standards and requirement for selling the products in Saudi Markets.



All products exported to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, require a Certificate of Conformity (SASO CoC) to enable them to be cleared through Saudi Customs.

ISO Certification

ISO certification certifies that a management system, manufacturing process, service, or documentation procedure has all the requirements for standardization and quality assurance. HQCI gets you the ISO and relevant Management certification at the right time and enhance your business requirements.

ISO 9001 - Quality Management System
ISO 22000 - Food Safety Management System
ISO 14000 - Environmental Management System.
HACCP Certification (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)

Training Programs

HQCI provide the most indispensable and essential training programs for the today’s industrial world. When HQCI is chosen by an individual or by an organization, they will experience our enduring commitment to keep their knowledge improved with our relentless devotion to customer satisfaction.

We provide the following training programs:


Halal Awareness Training

Applicable to all the employees in an organization and individuals


Halal Complaint & Trained Slaughter

Halal Complaint & Trained Slaughter Applicable to all the Slaughterers


Halal Compliance Internal Auditor

Applicable to all Supervisors & Managers in an organization and individuals


Food Safety/HACCP Training

Applicable to all Food Business operators.


FoSTaC Training

FSSAI recommends that all licensed food businesses must have at least one trained and certified Food Safety Supervisor under FoSTaC for every 25 food handlers in each premise.

Audit & inspection

HQCI expertise in conducting External/Supplier audits on behalf of an organization to ensure that the supplier/Contractor are complying the Organizational and other relevant requirement. We provide 2nd party audits in the areas of Quality, Food Safety/HACCP, General Hygiene and Safety.

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